The World's Most Unique Hotels

The World's Most Unique Hotels

GIRAFFE MANOR – Nairobi. Kenya

An exclusive boutique hotel set in 12 acres of private land; Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings. Gaining acclaim with European visitors on Safari trips since the 1930’s, the stately building boasts an elegant interior, vast gardens, quaint courtyards and all in all a breath-taking setting. As the name suggests, Giraffe Manor’s crowning glory is the resident heard of Rothchild’s Giraffes that call its grounds home. Stopping by for a treat at both breakfast and dinner, the giraffes are very accessible to guests, often poking their long necks into bedroom windows in search of a treat. At a minimum of £950 a night, just make sure you really like giraffes….

TREE HOTEL – Norrbotten County, Sweden

Well the name says it all really. All of the hotel rooms are tree houses in a Pine Forest in Northern Sweden. Fancy staying in a UFO for the night? No, well how about a Mirror Cube or Bird’s Nest? Set deep amongst nature, and a prime spot to see the Northern Lights, the Tree Hotel is definitely a place to get away from it all. At £450-£550 per night dependant of the tree house chosen, we better get saving sharpish.

THE MURAKA RESIDENCE – Rangali Island, Maldives

Set in the incredibly desirable Conrad hotel, the Muraka residence is the ultimate luxury in a world that only does luxury. Set amongst two levels, the master bedroom of this luxury residence is 16 feet below sea level under the Indian Ocean. Allowing you to take in the sea life around you. If the Muraka Residence itself want enough, you get picked up via your choice of sea plane or private speed boat, arriving to a personal jetty and a twenty-four hour a day butler for the duration of your stay. Price of stays is by application, just make sure you have your credit card on hand.

727 FUSELAGE HOME – Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

For those of you that have watched Lost, you may want to look away now. This amazing hotel is a re-purposed 727 jet, which looks an eerily familiar scene to the downed plane that was in the US hit drama. Overlooking both the Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park, this two bed, two bath residence is the perfect size for a family holiday. Perched on a custom-built platform 50 foot above ground level, the scenic views of the ocean and jungle are by all counts breath-taking. At a relatively affordable £300-400 a night, this is a stay well in reach.

Montana Magica Lodge, Huilo Huilo, Chile

Set in the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in the Patagonia Rain Forest, this unique hotel is famed for its unique appearance and mystical views. Boasting only 13 rooms, the hotel was originally a lodge for hunting and fishing trips. The prize feature of the hotel is the waterfall that permanently runs down the side of the hotel, from the peak to floor, passing your hotel room as it goes. The Montana Magica Lodge is one for the outdoor enthusiast, with an abundance of hiking, horse riding and kayaking in proximity. Costing £150-£250 a night, the lodge is the cheapest of the hotels featured, giving you plenty of budget to get that kayak trip boxed off.