Positive News Round Up From 2022 So Far

Positive News Round Up From 2022 So Far

We all like to hear some good news to come from the world, something positive to focus on rather than the worries of the pandemic and all other societal issues. Here at Parasol Store, we have gathered some positive news to have come from 2022 so far. We think this is a great way to spread positivity with you all and to create a happy place.

Starting off with something positive against the climate crisis, scientists in the South Pacific gave us cause for optimism.  Marine researchers in Tahiti’s tropical coastline have discovered one of the largest coral reefs ever found. It appears to be unaffected by human activity which hopefully implies that there could be more to uncover.

We all like to hear news of an animal no longer in danger, get the lime and salt ready and raise a shot to the Mexican tequila fish. The Mexican tequila fish is 7cm long and is around the width of a palm. It’s said that this tiny fish has not been seen since 2003 due to issues such as water pollution. However, thanks to our local Chester Zoo and their partnership with Michonacana University in Mexico, the tequila fish are blooming again.

Although there is still a long way to go to ban conversion therapy globally, France has become the latest country to make this controversial treatment illegal. France is the sixth country to make this change alongside countries that have already done so such as Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ecuador and Malta. Evidently, there is a long way to go but this is a positive step forward amongst this issue.

According to the organisers of Veganuary, there has been a record number of people who took part in the month-long challenge to follow a vegan diet, it’s estimated that thousands of people from 266 countries took part. Many believe that following a vegan diet will help contribute positively towards climate change and prevent issues that many foods we opt for have on the planet as well as our bodies. Is opting for a vegan diet something that you would consider?

Lastly, to round up the good news to come from the month of January, Bejing’s air pollution drops. It’s said that Beijing’s air pollution drops meeting state standards for the first time. Scientists have discovered a noticeable decline which has allowed the city to reach its goal and air quality target almost a decade earlier than planned.

We hope this round up of good news gave some positivity to your day.