Positive News Round Up

Positive News Round Up

We all like to hear some good news to come from the world, something positive to focus on. Here at Parasol Store, we have gathered some positive news from over the past few weeks. We think this is a great way to spread positivity with you all and to create a happy place.


Starting off with something for the hiking lovers. Canada has opened the World’s Longest hiking trail that stretches from coast to coast. This trail stretches from St. John’s in the east Victoria in the West and has a huge looping detour north through the Yukon and Northwest territories to the Arctic Ocean. This is the largest trail in the world spanning across 14,684 miles. Volunteers who have been working with local conservation groups helped create this over the past 25 years. 



Although the current circumstances in Ukraine are devastating, owner of an award-winning animal shelter, Andrea Cisternino, wants to continue to stay in Ukraine to help rescue stray dogs. His shelter has over 400 animals that he has rescued and will continue to protect. What a selfless act of kindness, we hope there’s more people like him out there.



To continue to shine some light on the crisis, according to UNHCR data, more than one million Ukrainian refugees are now estimated to have crossed the nation’s border. Many companies are supporting the sanctions and have announced plans to cut ties with Russia. From ecommerce giants to top banks there are lot of companies that have pledged to support in and around Ukraine. An example of a company that has helped offer immediate support to the people of Ukraine is Amazon. Amazon is donating US $5 to organisations such as Red Cross, World Food Programme, UNICEF and many more. They also plan to donate US $5m in additional donations from its internal team.



Something positive towards the future of transportation, the first all-electric passenger airplane prepares to fly. Alice, an all-electric passenger aircraft developed by Eviation is preparing to take flight. The plane has a battery technology similar to an electric car, allowing 30 minutes of charging and will be able to fly for one hour. Companies such as DHL Express have ordered these plans to allow them to reduce their carbon footprint for short distance trips. This is great news for companies like us who aim to reduce our carbon footprint.



We hope this round up of good news gave some positivity to your day.