Porter-Yoshida & Co. - Luxury Japanese Luggage

Porter-Yoshida & Co. - Luxury Japanese Luggage

Porter-Yoshida & Co. are a brand with a rich history in bag making, and this is clear to see with the new products that have just arrived in store. They make high-quality bags suitable for every purpose and they have spent the past 80 years-or-so making sure that the quality of their bags is unparalleled. Japanese craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand, with the founder, Kichizo Yoshida, holding the philosophy that ‘one stich is all soul.’

The brand has made the production and crafting of bags its main focus and they’ve perfected it over the years of making. The high-quality standards, choice of materials and design along with the high skill level of Japanese craftsmen have been essential ingredients for the longevity and success of the brand. These are timeless, investment pieces that belong to a rich history of bag-making.

Around the time of inception, it was unusual for people to focus on brand names. However, in order for people to associate a name to the quality of the bags, Porter-Yoshida & Co. had been founded and the name had been decided on. People were buying Porter-Yoshida & Co. before the name had been used but they just weren’t aware of it. By creating the brand, they quickly cemented themselves as one of the most popular and prestigious bag-makers in Japan.

The brand name came from the word ‘Porter’ - meaning someone who takes your luggage from the hotel and brings it to your room. Someone who you trust to keep things safe and secure while you focus on spending your time leisurely. The same can be said for Porter-Yoshida & Co. bags. This is seen in the Tanker 3-Way Briefcase from the best-selling Tanker range. The Tanker range was inspired by MA-1 flight jackets that were used by the US Air Force. The bag is lovingly handmade in Japan featuring a 3-layer construction consisting of a nylon twill exterior, polyester cotton centre and a taffeta nylon interior. It’s an ideal weekend bag featuring a detachable laptop compartment and orange lining based on the MA-1 flight jackets.

Porter-Yoshida & Co have continued to gain support from the fashion industry with it becoming increasingly popular due to features in magazines and its presence on the street. The brand has won a multitude of awards, confirming their standard of bag-making through the years and we welcome them in store.

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