Novesta - Keeping The Past In The Present

Novesta - Keeping The Past In The Present

With a focus on ergonomic, economic and organic characteristics, it’s no surprise that Novesta is iconic, too.


Still made by hand in one of the few remaining Slovakian factories, Novesta utilises a workforce entrenched in skill and passion for generations. Partizanske grew on the back of industry in the 20th century, most notably footwear manufacture. All of those classic models you covet from world renowned brands probably passed through the Partizanske production plant.


In the modern day, this knowledge, effort and craft is applied to Novesta, with the key component being the vulcanisation process. Once the shoes have been cut and sewn the sole is almost literally baked onto the shoe, before being finished by hand.


This season the old reliable models are back once again, complemented by some tasteful moves forward with material, stitching and colour.


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