Kanken Art Released For World Ocean Day

Kanken Art Released For World Ocean Day

Possibly the most iconic backpack in the world is the Kånken from Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven. You’re likely to see at least a few dozen in every city in Europe whilst out and about, and their seemingly endless choice of colours and sizes means there’s something on offer for just about everyone.

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. It produces over half the oxygen on our planet, it’s home to over one million species of animals and plants, and it is the key regulator of the climate. We are dependent on the sea to live, and estimates suggest that by 2050 there’ll be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish. We need to drastically change the way we treat our oceans, and everyone is key to helping change that.

The Kånken Art ’21 collection is on a mission to help save the oceans from plastic and launches just in time for World Ocean Day on the 8th of June. It hopes to increase awareness but to also inspire change. This years’ limited edition Kånken Art (and the 3rd instalment in the series) features two colour palettes: ‘Ocean Surface’ and ‘Ocean Deep’.

Designed by Swedish illustrator and designer, Linn Fritz, the bags were created to raise awareness about the huge issue of plastic waste in the ocean that’s reaching unprecedented levels. The bags themselves are made from a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton, and 1% of all sales go directly to the organisations that work to keep plastics out of the ocean. Let’s do it together, one piece of plastic at a time.

The Kånken Art ’21 collection is available in the Classic Kånken, Mini Kånken, Kånken Laptop 15, Kånken Sling, Kånken Gear Pocket and Kånken Gear Bag in both ‘Ocean Surface’ and ‘Ocean Deep’ colourways.