Introducing Novesta: Sturdy Slovakian Shoes

Introducing Novesta: Sturdy Slovakian Shoes

A new addition to the footwear roster at Parasol, Novesta make some of our favourite canvas shoes on the market. Well-made, ecological, and fair priced, we thought why not give you a little background info before you delve into your new favourites.

Originating from the small town ofPartizánske in the middle of Slovakia, Novesta have been making world-renowned canvas shoes since the 1930s. Founded by famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata, the brand is proudly one of the last fully European-produced footwear brands.

Utilising imaginative design with timeless sophistication, Novesta make shoes that just work. They don’t re-invent the wheel so to say, and they certainly don’t overcomplicate footwear with needless tech. They simply produce well-made footwear that always looks good and that is minimal in design.

They are fully aware of the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, and they are dedicated to being held to the highest environmental standards. They only use a selection of certified materials during production; natural rubber, 100% cotton, and linen, ensuring the process remains as ecological as possible.

The trademark outsole is created from machine-pressing the natural rubber in a precise fashion which creates the distinctive tire mark like appearance on the famous Star Master and Star Dribble.

Whether it’s a classic pump in the form of a Star Master, or an old school runner type trainer in the Marathon, Novesta create everyday staple footwear for almost any occasion that’ll seamlessly fit into your wardrobe all year-round.

Featuring some classics, some new colourways, and some mighty corduroy earthy tones, our new collection has something for everyone.

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