Hestra Gloves - Perfect For Winter

Hestra Gloves - Perfect For Winter

The town of Hestra in southern Sweden is known for its lakes, forests, and small ski area. It is also known for a glove maker of distinction.

Founded in 1936, Hestra know a thing or two about glove making. The company was initially named after its’ founder as Martin Magnusson & Co, but as the quality of the gloves spread, customers referred to them as the gloves from Hestra and the name stuck.

Keeping with its roots, the Magnusson family still owns the business, with Hestra now in the capable hands of the third and fourth generation of the family.

Even though the company has come a long way in the last 80 years (manufacturing over two million pairs of gloves in 2015,) not much has changed within the company DNA.

The company is still based in Hestra, and all leather, wool and other fabric is sourced by the company themselves. The reason for this is simple, as that way they have a guaranteed supply chain, and the materials used are always of the quality that is required.

Given that they now offer gloves in over 400 styles and in 30 colours options, we would say that they are on to something good.

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