Food Halls of the World

Food Halls of the World

The food hall is a phenomenon that the North West of England is becoming increasingly familiar with. Ignited by the transformation of Altrincham market and its younger sister Mackie Mayor in Manchester, the concept has spread to Liverpool in the form of the iconic Baltic market and the newly launched Duke Street Market. However, Parasol Store believes there is slightly more to the world than what is on your doorstep, and so wanted you to know about some of the best Food Halls globally. From Lisbon to Los Angeles, these are food halls to get lost in.

De Markthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

De Markthal is set inside a 40m high horseshoe shaped structure in the Laurens District east of Rotterdam city centre. At an imposing 120 metres in length and 70 metres wide, the building is sealed off with glass at either end to keep the elements out. Combined with several luxury apartments that are built within the horseshoe structure itself, De Markthal is unique in mixing residential with a market environment. The ceiling of this impressive market is itself an attraction. Covered by a huge artwork called ‘The Horn of Plenty’ by artists Arnon Coenen and Iris Roskam, it is so well regarded it has been coined the Dutch Sistine Chapel. Made up of 4000 individual tiles and covering a total space of 11,000 square metres, it depicts a psychedelic concoction of abstract fruit, grains and vegetables. There is plenty to get stuck into for both the local and tourist at De Markthal. There are over 100 fresh food stalls, a significant choice of shops and restaurants, as well as an off-licence, chemist and even a supermarket.

Time Out Market, Lisbon, Portugal

Taking home in Lisbon’s Mercado de Ribeira, a landmark building in the Portuguese capital since the 1890’s, the Time Out Market in Lisbon was re-created from scratch in 2014 by Time Out Portugal. The market has been such a large success that it has not only reignited the flailing market building itself, but even transformed the Cais do Sodre neighbourhood, with the area now being a must visit area for all visitors to the city. Timeout’s ethos for the market is that if something is good it can be in the magazine, but only if it is great can it make it into their treasured market. Effectively, the aim is to bring the best of the city under one roof. A more varied offering than your usual food hall, there is street food and high end plated cuisine available, as well as everything in between. The space also includes eight bars, with the Beer experience Superbock being the most unique. The bar allows you to pour your own draft beer right in the centre of the market. Cooking courses are also available in the market, including the ever popular Pastel Del Nata class. If you haven’t had a Pastel Del Nata in Lisbon, you haven’t really been to Lisbon, so learning how to make them sounds like a good idea to us.

Food Garden, Tijuana, Mexico

Set in Tijuana, just south of the US border and only 20 miles south of the centre of San Diego. Food Garden is an inspiring set up, created with affordable quality food and a positive social impact for the community at its heart. Boasting a slogan of ‘Keep Tijuana Tasty’, this open-air market is full of vibrant colour and culinary choice, creating an atmosphere that results in a million miles away from home feeling. Much of the produce is supplied locally, supporting local farmers and producers wherever possible. The market works with local people to try and get them back into work, and to take pride in what they are doing through a positive and rewarding workplace. Whether you want the best in tacos, burritos or slightly more left field street food, then Food Garden is a must visit.

Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, U.S.A

Created in 1917, The Grand Central Market in LA’s downtown has survived many a depression, recession and redevelopment of the ever-changing city centre. In its current form, the market tries to give a shout out to the numerous cultures and cuisines that make up the LA population, and contribute to the city being the unique place that it is.

A significant space at 30,000 square feet in size, there are two jewels amongst the many vendors in our opinion. Firstly, Horse Thief, partly lauded for the transformation of the market during its latest reinvention, is a Texas style barbeque eatery.

Offering all of the usual barbeque staples of brisket, ribs and anything else that can fit onto a barbeque, Horse Thief also has an ever-popular bar. Talking of bars, or in fact breweries, Golden Road Brewing is another market stalwart. The original LA beer, it would be rude not too sample it whilst in the city. The stall is also expertly placed near the Hill Street entrance, which has ample daily sunshine and a cool ocean breeze. Beer and Barbeque has got to be a good thing, right?