Sustainable Bottles - do your bit for the planet in style.

Sustainable Bottles - do your bit for the planet in style.

At a time where the effort to end single-use plastic is accelerating, sustainability is sure to be the hot topic of 2019 and here at Parasol we’re proud to stock brands that are working hard to transform the way we, as consumers, can do our bit for the planet. Whether you want something to keep your coffee hot or your water ice cold, or both, new designs from leading brands mean that we’re spoilt for choice. We’ve put together our favourites to help you decide…

Chilly’s Chilly’s are on a mission, and it’s working.

I mean who hasn’t got a Chilly’s bottle these days? After a long winter of keeping your coffee hot almost all day. it’s almost time for your Chilly to do its job for the Summer and keep your drinks cool for an impressive 24 hours. Trust us, it works! There’s loads of on trend designs, ranging from pastel to neon, meaning there’s really no excuse not to swap your plastic bottle for a reusable one.

Que Bottles If you're looking for something a little more flexible, the Que Bottle is the answer to all of your problems. It can shrink to half its size meaning you can take it virtually anywhere without any hassle. It’s leak proof, 100% ‘green’ and if you need to save on space, this is the bottle for you. Parasol Store stock a colourful range of Que Bottle’s meaning you’ll be the talk of the office, gym, or wherever else you decide to go!

Squireme If you’re still reading you may have learned that eco-friendly no longer means ugly and your probably still struggling to decide which bottle is best.

New to Parasol Store is Squireme, a bottle crafted from lightweight borosilicate glass and accompanied by a stylish silicone sleeve (available in a range of colours). Suitable for hot and cold beverages, this bottle is perfect for the urban commuter wanting to stand out from the crowd - even the silicone sleeve is biodegradable!