Catching Up With Jason Markk

Catching Up With Jason Markk

Following the rise of so-called sneaker culture, the trainer has become an object of coveted status. As we collectively fall in love with certain silhouettes in limited numbers, the importance of keeping them looking their best is at an all-time, or at least to those who treat their footwear in the same way as their childhood trading cards. Identifying this, Jason Markk came up with a soluble solution amongst other shoe-care products to ensure they remain in top-top condition for as long as possible, suddenly turning that scuff or stain into more of a minor setback than a reason to relegate them to your dog walking shoes.

We caught up with the shoe-care extraordinaire for an impromptu catch up, to see what challenges the last year has brought him and what is keeping him going.

How has 2020 been for both yourself and Jason Markk?

JM: 2020 was tough for me personally. Everything was so surreal, and at times overwhelming. That said, I have no reason to complain. I'm grateful that my family and I are healthy, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. As for JM, it was also a tough year, but we managed to weather the worst of the storm and are optimistic about 2021 and beyond.

PS: We are glad to hear that you have got through the last year, we were happy to see the back of it too. Stores have been closed in the UK for a few months now, so knowing they will open in April is a massive lift for us.


Have you taken up any new hobbies over the lockdown period?

JM: I've been into gardening and plants over the last several years, but during lockdown, I've kicked it up a couple of notches. It's really been a lifesaver. I've also started getting into scale R/C cars.

PS: Nice to know that you are getting your greens in over lockdown... We have massively got into walking over the last few months, but gardening sounds a whole lot more fulfilling.

What was your favourite sneaker of 2020?

JM: Nike x CPFM Swarovski Dunks

PS: Very nice indeed. Anything Nike x Sacai is a big favourite with us.

Are there any footwear or clothing brands you are really into at the moment?

JM: Carhartt WIP, Better, Snow Peak, South2 West8, Nike

PS: Very eclectic mix of brands there. South2 West8 is amazing, anything Nepenthes is just wonderful. We are going to be stocking Snow Peak clothing from AW21, and are already obsessed with their gear. Who would have thought a Toastie maker could be as well designed....

Where are you most looking forward to visiting once restrictions are lifted?

JM: I've always wanted to go camping in Japan.

PS: Camping in Japan is definitely on our hit list too. Lake Motosu looks stunning. We are also keen to get over to Portland and see all of the amazing brands coming from the area first hand.

What are the 3 things you cant do without when you are travelling?

JM: Jason Markk Travel Kit, Bose bluetooth speaker & Kuumba incense.

PS: To be fair it is a pretty good travel kit... We are just about to take on Paine's incense, which we are really excited about. From our view, we can't go anywhere without our Steamery portable steamer (not a big fan of creases). The Wacaco Nanopresso is also an caffeine fix essential.