Sandqvist: Swedish Simplicity at Its Finest

Sandqvist, named after the surname of founder Anton Sandqvist, was founded in Stockholm in 2004. The brand was realised because of Anton’s vision for functional and simple design, and inability to find a work bag to suit his needs. After creating a tote bag for everyday use, his work colleagues at the time liked it so much they wanted to know where he bought it from. Once he explained that he had created it himself, their interest blossomed further, and he used this newfound boost of confidence to create his eponymous brand.

 At this stage Anton’s brother Daniel, and friend Sebastien joined the brand and the three founding members decided to build the brand on the traditional Swedish values of sustainability, environmental care, and functionality-led design. It was decided that these values would never be compromised, with their iconic clean aesthetics having to be created in adherence to these principles.

Examples of these principles include Sandqvist being an early adopter of solely using vegetable tanned leather from accredited tanneries and opening bag repair shops where they will try and fix any damage. They will even offer customers 20% off a customer’s next bag if you allow them to dispose of your old bag.