Patapaca: Sustainably Sourced Alpaca Socks

As Autumn slowly but surely tightens its grasp, our latest and most apt addition sees Peruvian brand, Patapaca bless both our shelves and our feet with their socks. However, there’s just one small but crucial thing different about their toe cosies – they’re made from alpaca wool.

Smaller than a llama but with arguably cuter smiles, alpacas are native to South America. In comparison to common materials used in socks such as cotton, alpaca wool is much warmer, super soft, and hypo-allergenic. This combination of attributes makes their socks are naturally moisture resistant and breathable so your feet will be kept dry and odour free (even if they’re not washed after every use).

In addition to these amazing features, Patapaca spent countless hours researching, finding, and developing the perfect blend of sustainably sourced yarn, meaning there’s no trade-off between having happy toes and happy alpacas. In colours just as left-field as their wool sourcing, what’s not to like?