Parasol Places – The Sellaronda

We all know that someone who likes a challenge don’t we? The member of the group who just doesn’t seem to be content with a leisurely day on the slopes. The one who always wants to stay out that bit longer, when quite frankly no one else still cares and would rather be in the resort bars.

Well, the Sellaronda in the Italian Dolomites is for that person (and everyone else on a day they are feeling particularly lively). We would therefore recommend giving it a good go if you ever find yourself in the Italian Dolomites, but just do it once or twice in the whole week as it is a proper day out.

So what exactly is the Sellaronda? In short, it is a 40km loop around the Sella Massif. Hence the name Sellaronda, which effectively just means around the Sella. The Sella Massif itself is quite spectacular itself, and keeps the eye occupied for most of the day. Peaking at 3,151m, it is the highest limestone plateau in Europe, and a favourite of hikers and climbers to navigate in the summer months.

The loop is all about options, with the first choice being the clockwise (Orange) or anti-clockwise (Green) route. The Orange route is the more adventurous and demanding of the two, with fewer gentle slopes, and a greater demand for steep slope control, especially around the Arabba part of the circuit. On average (with a good lunch, and time for a few rest stops), the route will take around the seven-hour mark. The green route is the more leisurely option, with more choices for the less able skier and slightly less ski mileage. It is still a full day out though, taking the average skier around six hours. If you do go for the green route, make sure you look out for the giant cow, which you can ring the bell of as you ski underneath!



This is where the other main choice comes into play. Very able skiers can complete either route in a couple of hours, and it has been known for the route to be completed four times in a single sitting. Please bear in mind that this attitude does have its sacrifices though, as pretty much all wining and dining is off the menu for this level of action.

The Food and Drink around the whole area is of a great standard, and definitively fulfils the significant appetite you acquire as you drag yourself around. However, if pizza or grilled meat is your thing, then Rifugio Fodom in Arabba is a great reward for all your hard work. The pizza is all cooked in a traditional wood fired oven, and there is extensive wine list to match. It really is an establishment not to be missed.

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