Parasol Places – Bacoa Burger, Barcelona


The amazing weather that we are having this summer has got us thinking of a trip that we made to Barcelona a couple of years ago.

As much as we were in awe of The Sagrada Familla, the Cam Nou and Las Ramblas, the thing that we are craving most is a visit to Barcelona’s most famous Burger joint, Bacoa Burger.

Perfect subject matter for this week’s Parasol Places, let us tell you a bit about it.

A wonderful story which began with a single 15 seat outlet situated near Las Ramblas. In fact, founders Brad Ainsworth and Paula Lera never actually had intentions of Bacoa Burger at all. They initially opened an Australian/Thai fusion concept in the original Bacoa Burger (Bacoa Kiosk0), but had to change direction during the global financial crisis back in 2009. They had opened a second outlet of their original concept, and needing to sell on the original outlet, they found a lack of suitors in such tough times. Instead, they decided to create a simple barbecue concept, the simplest and cheapest way of making the outlet pay its way, and the now legendary Bacoa was born.

From the first few weeks, it was evident that the single burger on the menu (La Bacoa), was the firm favourite of the initial Bacoa clientele, and as a result, the original barbecue concept morphed again to become what it is today.

 Now with five locations in Barcelona, and one in Madrid, the business has gone from strength to strength.

What is so special about Bacoa? Every ingredient they use is homemade, everything can be customised and the venues and locations are just a pleasure to be in. Other than that, I guess you will have to make a trip and see for yourself.