Anderson’s – A stubborn dedication to quality and tradition

Anderson's Belts - Parasol Store

Hailing from Parma in Northern Italy, Anderson’s Belts has been built around the tradition of quality leather goods that the region is so famous for. This tradition, coupled with great passion for craftmanship and an enviable level of subtle skill, has resulted in one of the finest belt makers around.

Where others have opted for cheaper and easier methods, Anderson’s has shown a stubborn dedication to persist with the traditional techniques it has employed for the last 50 years. The proof in the pudding is that Anderson’s has been making belts in Parma, and only Parma since it’s conception. Not bad dedication to quality craftmanship if you ask us.

However, where Anderson’s is even more special, is that it has fused these traditional values, with an eye for innovative design and functionality. The brand’s multicolour hand-woven belts have become their trademark over recent years, with many manufacturers copying the standout designs. All of the imitations do not even come close in our eyes, with the leather and steel detailing Anderson’s use being just as high quality as the elasticated woven tubes themselves.

Whether it is a traditional leather belt, or a standout contemporary number, Anderson’s have created a belt for everyone. Take a look at Anderson’s belts from Parasol Store.